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Deliver the full package, and make a better first impression

  • Build a buzz worthy presentation

    Build a Buzz Worthy Presentation

    Create and send full marketing packages and media kits. SendYourMedia makes it easy to share videos, audio, documents, images and more with the click of a button. Present your business by sending packages that streamline your operations and look professional.

  • Get it in front of a crowd

    Get It in Front of a Crowd

    Each multimedia package can be sent via branded email, posted on your favorite social media site or linked to from your blog or any other website. You decide what your recipient sees first, what goes into the message, and how it looks before you share.

  • Leave a lasting impression

    Leave a Lasting Impression

    When your recipient opens the marketing package, they see a single branded multimedia page with a video player, audio player, image viewer, document viewer, and a separate download section for any other file type. They can play videos and audio, view images and read documents from within the marketing package making it easier to get all the information they need in one spot online.

  • Obtain a response and generate leads

    Obtain a Response and Generate Leads

    Each package can include a response form to convert a recipient into a sales lead or just label the form for your specific needs. Maybe something like, Need more information, Contact me or RSVP to an event. When linking from your blog or another website, you can require a form to be filled in order to see your package. This feature is very effective in collecting leads when a package contains helpful content that others will find useful.

  • Convert your audience

    Convert Your Audience

    Enable the link button feature, on any package, and point to a web address of your choice. Consider providing your recipients an easy way to purchase your product by using the button to link to your shopping cart. Another option could be to link to a survey after reviewing your media. These are just two examples of endless possibilities.