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Making it look spectacular is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Flexible File Management

    Flexible File Management

    Uploading files is easy. SendYourMedia is powerful enough to automatically detect the type of file you are uploading, and place it in the appropriate media player or viewer. If the file is unrecognized, it will still be added to a download section for your recipient to see. Change the order in which your files are presented, and alter the file display name. You have complete control allowing your recipients to download your files or see them in preview only mode. When you are done you can preview your package.

  • Branding Made Easy

    Branding Made Easy

    Optimize your presentation by making your marketing materials and multimedia look the part. Upload a product image, a brand logo, or any other pictures to custom tailor the design of your email to your business. You can also add a short package description.

  • Get Your Entire Team on Board

    Get Your Entire Team on Board

    Whether you are a single user or an enterprise client, you have the ability to add other users onto your account and assign them to your various packages. By doing this, you enable them to distribute your marketing materials on your behalf. Control how much your team can do. With user permissions, you decide what you will allow others to create or edit.