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The flexibility you deserve

  • Pick what you want to send or share

    Pick What You Want to Send or Share

    You are always in control of what gets shared. With SendYourMedia you can share several packages at once, or share individual files from any combination of packages.

  • Set an expiration date

    Set an Expiration Date

    When sending packages through email, you can set an expiration date for files to limit how long people can open and view your materials. You can also leave it open-ended so that your files never expire. Stay in the loop by receiving email notifications each time your package is opened and viewed.

  • Present multiple packages at once

    Present Multiple Packages at Once

    Show a wealth of information in one easy-to-read format. When you choose to offer multiple packages at once, your recipients will be able to seamlessly switch from one package to another to preview your files.

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    Anywhere, Anytime Access

    Share packages using your smartphone. With our iPhone and Android apps, your packages can be sent or shared with the tap of a button from anywhere in the world.